Thursday, July 29, 2010

DNS Problems with Blizzard's StarCraft II Patch Installer

After much anticipation, my copy of StarCraft II arrived in the post yesterday.  I installed it.  I ran it.  It immediately started downloading a patch.  Ten megabytes later, I lost all internet connectivity.  Again, again, and a-bloody-gain.  Now, it turns out I had recently upgraded to Windows 7, a thing of beauty, which automatically ran a network diagnostic tool and reported that there was a problem with the DNS service.  Hmm, thinks I, maybe iiNet (who are my otherwise rather good ISP) have cocked up their DNS server.  After a bit of resettery, I discover that Google have a publically available DNS server (  I add this as the backup DNS server and, lo and behold, glorious sustained connectivity.

Having shared this with you, I am now about to abandon society and join the StarCraftiverse for some time.  Adieu.